Drew Barrymore – Someone I Adore


Drew Barrymore, besides being a natural-born star from a young age, making her debut in the timeless film ET, is the quintessential 90s fashion icon. She always appears effortless, as evident with her loose French plait, Levi jeans, and faded maroon blazer and her very trendy cat-eye shades.


I’m a massive fan of her ultra-cool blue-tinted John Lennon sunglasses, which are complemented wonderfully by her retro denim jacket – with the white lining revolutionary against the ordinary denim jacket. Her maroon, deep rouge lipstick is in perfect keeping with her pale complexion, and she exhibits the highly fashionable choker of the time – emitting a rock-chic style.


The baggy V-neck white t-shirt tucked into the loose khaki jeans is emblematically casual, giving us the very realisation that SIMPLICITY IS KEY to a successful fashion outfit! Drew is fresh-faced and glowing. She dresses up her casual attire through the addition of her silver hoop earrings and cross-choker necklace, with the unusual hanging of the keys from her pocket adding a street-style, rebellious edge.


Absolutely LOVE this minimalist assemblage – Drew is definitely a casual, jeans and tee kind of girl, and her cute blonde bob is reminiscent of the 90s’ wild hairstyles. What I love most about her red t-shirt is the simple, yet effective white lining around the neck and sleeves – it adds a burst of colour to her baggy boyfriend jeans. From this image, aspiring fashionistas will notice that  no one can go wrong with a classic pair of black converse.


What a banging outfit. Drew has nailed it – her inner rock-star is divulged through her studded, oversized leather jacket, which is perfect over a plain white t-shirt. The cross necklace, baggy corduroy black jeans and chunky black belt are a brilliant combination and she somehow manages to never look too overworked – she has a subtle way of looking priceless without much effort.


A very bohemian, hippy look: Drew looks undeniably, and unbearably phenomenal. Her Aztec patterned mini-dress sits wonderfully underneath her divine velvet maroon coat, and she has intelligently colour-coordinated her dress to match her headband, which tames her luscious curls. Her anklet and tattoo make her look 1000x cooler, and her chunky black heels compound her 60s look.


Black converse – always a winner! Red and blue are the two colours that just complement each other so fantastically. Here, Drew’s light-wash Levi jeans and red polka-dot tank top are an extraordinary match, and her silver hoop earrings and red lipstick radiate a Marilyn Monroe look.


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