Golden Gwenyth


Highly-acclaimed American actress Gwenyth Paltrow, whose starring in films Sliding Doors (1998) and Shallow Hall (2001) brought her worldwide fame, is a classic beauty not to be ignored. Her 90’s fashion style is irresistible and inspiring; and her natural flair for glamour and trendiness is levelled with Kate Moss and Winona Ryder’s timeless and effortless charm.


The top-knot will never not be cool. With wispy golden strands, Gwenyth epitomises femininity and subtlety, and her bold red lips are brought to life by her strikingly azure eyes.


 Gwenyth’s dead-straight bob is sensational, with its sharp boldness tamed by the peach hair-clip and soft application of rosy lipstick, and thick black eyeliner. Her brown fur coat is extraordinarily fashionable, and the perfect item to top off an already killer outfit.


A stunningly androgynous assemblage, this red velvet suit is unmistakable. Smart and effortless, Gwenyth has a talent for presenting herself in a way that makes others inevitably drawn to her edgy style.


Gwenyth’s blonde waves coincide wonderfully with this pastel pink bodysuit. Owning the turtle neck, this lightly-textured long-sleeve outfit appears both comfortable, and a statement piece.


This absolutely incredible olive two-piece is worn with utmost confidence and pride, and is rather slimming on the body. Matched with simplistic khaki sandals and a turtle-skin-print leather handbag, this silk number is innovative and eye-catching; emblematic of Gwenyth’s fashion in its entirety.

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