My Media Plan and Strategy for Energy Drink Green Life Co

Last year I completed a media channel planning subject which gave me thorough insight into the necessity of understanding each media type, when to use it, and the benefits of each. Learning about different media channels was incredibly helpful in our task to develop a media plan and strategy for the energy drink Green Life Co. The key thing I learnt from this task, was the importance of developing Integrated Marketing Communications strategies to set brands apart from competitors, by determining effective channel planning across paid, owned, earned and shared media.

In my role, I:

  • Determined specific media objectives for the brand post consumer research and competition analysis
  • Identified key media problems and insights from statistics and research
  • Identified the relationship between the target audience and media channels
  • Developed an overarching strategy statement
  • Developed a media strategy mix and a big media idea
  • Developed media vehicles and execution
  • Developed a media schedule with different strategies

Here are excerpts from the final submitted document of my contribution. 

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Heineken Campaign

Heineken – Strategy and Channel Planning 

We received a brief from Heineken to re-position the Heineken brand as the premium smooth lager on the market. My key task in this project was to develop a unique strategy across owned, earned, paid and shared media so that the campaign was fully integrated across all media channels. This is the media plan I came up with to communicate to the consumer on each step of the journey.

Whilst my peers did the creative, I ensured that each message was appropriated to different media types, to engage the consumer and maintain strategy, with the USP of the beer being smooth consistent throughout the channels.

I decided that print media was an essential channel along with TVC, to maximise reach to audiences. Furthermore, after researching the target audience of predominantly young to middle-aged men, I decided social and interactive media was the best way to go in terms of building a brand-consumer connection.


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Hyundai i-30 Campaign

Hyundai-i30 Campaign  

We received a brief from Hyundai to create a print advertisement for the Hyundai-i30, to convey the single-minded proposition “The intelligent option is now sexier”. The main communication objective was to get consumers to call into a Hyundai dealership on the way home, with their renewed perspective that the Hyundai-i30 is cool, trendy and high tech.

My main role in this project was to undertake thorough research to really understand the target market, by tapping into their buying habits around cars and their passions. By doing this I was able to identify what matters to consumers when buying new cars, and what appeals to the male ego when buying a new car. This role taught me the essentiality of consumer research when developing any media or creative strategy for a brand, and has equipped me with an ideation process of how to approach developing campaign ideas.

My research then informed the creative process of my partner, who took key consumer insights from my research and created a print advertisement.

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Italia – Bellissima!

Italia – the land of pizza, pasta, gelato, and unbeknownst to Lucy – FOOD POISONING! Italy was a wild ride but provided us with some of the greatest and most hilarious memories of our lives.

The Experience of Dumb and Dumber; Lucy and Alex.

After leaving Berlin physically unscathed but mentally strained, having endured a 60 euro tram fine – twice, nearly being hit by a bike, battling to change hostel rooms 4 times after being confronted with 50 year old Romanian men, and suffering frostbite with only summer wear in our backpacks, WE MADE IT TO POSITANO. 

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Croatia – an absolute dream.

Deciding on where to go in Europe can be a rather daunting task, especially when you’re spoilt for choice with a myriad of beautiful locations and very little time. Although not the ideal place for conserving your precious backpacker savings, Croatia is worth every ounce of starvation and pain on your travel journey.

The experience of dumb and dumber; Lucy and Alex.

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The Legend of Ziggy Stardust.

David Bowie is the most exceptional human being to have roamed this earth, an absolute icon – for both his legendary music and his unquestionably insane fashion style. A British singer, songwriter and actor, Bowie’s innovative music granted him the title as one of the world’s best-selling music artists. Known as the ‘star-man’, his glam-rock style along with his many hits, including ’Heroes’, ‘Changes’ and ‘Let’s Dance’, will never cease to invoke absolute wonder and appreciation within all of his fans. Here are some of my favourite looks from Ziggy Stardust:


The most phenomenal fashion piece I have ever come across. This UNBELIEVABLE statement one-suit does not compare to any other fashion ensemble in history. The elongated pants are the best feature, enhanced by the illusionistic silver and black striped-pattern. The red platform boots also heighten the impact of this phenomenal extravaganza.

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Winona Ryder – A 90s Icon.

One of the most iconic American actresses of the 1990s, Winona Ryder is most recognised for her starring roles in Lucas (1968), Beetlejuice (1988) and the dark fairly-tale Edward Scissorhands (1990). Beyond her wonderful ability to embody a variety of diverse acting roles, her fashion is quintessential of the 90s – littered with heavy leather jackets, baggy trousers, and thick black eyeliner. Here are some of my favourite looks:


Firstly, I absolutely love her bob hair-cut – it frames her face beautifully and is complemented by her striking red lipstick. Her wide-collared, pixie-green, button-up-long-sleeve heightens the impact of her baggy blue denim jacket. She leads the double-denim movement with pride. Her thick black, golden-buckled belt is something we should all aspire to have in our wardrobe.

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My New Vintage Instagram: lp__drobe

How it began…

I recently finished watching the incredibly original, comedy web television series Girlboss created by Kay Cannon. I instantly fell in love with the feisty, and irresistible Sophia Marlowe, played by Britt Robertson. I burst with jealousy in the first episode when Sophia bought the metallic leather jacket – quite possibly the most perfect item of clothing I have ever seen. Along with her eclectic red velvet trousers, denim vests, and pantsuits, she built the most insane retro wardrobe – a dream for every vintage enthusiast like myself.

The metallic jacket.

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Heads up – life is too short for boring hairdos!

We live in a fast-paced world, constantly on the run – rushing our breakfast cereal in the morning, frantically choosing an outfit to wear, and forget about the one defining element that could change our entire look for the day: our hairdo. I know what you’re thinking… Cool hairdos take time and effort, and are often meticulously planned… but that’s not always the case! The following hairdos are funky, stylish and most importantly, are something you can wip up super fast in the morning!


Gwyneth Paltrow’s incredible topknot is effortlessly wonderful! Pulled back into a messy, high bun, and tied with a silk black ribbon, the key to this hairdo is the way she leaves out two long strands – so it doesn’t come across as her ‘trying to hard’.

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