Winona Ryder – A 90s Icon.

One of the most iconic American actresses of the 1990s, Winona Ryder is most recognised for her starring roles in Lucas (1968), Beetlejuice (1988) and the dark fairly-tale Edward Scissorhands (1990). Beyond her wonderful ability to embody a variety of diverse acting roles, her fashion is quintessential of the 90s – littered with heavy leather jackets, baggy trousers, and thick black eyeliner. Here are some of my favourite looks:


Firstly, I absolutely love her bob hair-cut – it frames her face beautifully and is complemented by her striking red lipstick. Her wide-collared, pixie-green, button-up-long-sleeve heightens the impact of her baggy blue denim jacket. She leads the double-denim movement with pride. Her thick black, golden-buckled belt is something we should all aspire to have in our wardrobe.


This blue and white pinstripe sailor shirt is phenomenal, meek and seductive. It’s exaggerated bagginess simply works because of her straight black pencil skirt.


One of the most incredible dresses I have ever laid eyes on. It’s definitively feminine, high-neck cut, and elegant nature is bolded by her crystal, petal-like earrings. My favourite thing about the dress is the way the sequins capture the entire spectrum of the rainbow, from the reflecting light.


Winona in this photo, wears a similar dress, yet it is less reserved, and radiates a wild rebellion. Body-tight, the pearly-white dress is fraught with movement, with the beaded tassels giving the impression of a Parisian Moulin-Rouge extravaganza.  The simplicity of her silver necklace is key, to allow the sheer sparkle quality of her dress to shine.


Submissive and simple, this black, long-sleeve dress is incredibly flattering. The mesh material will never cease to be fashionable, as it allows for sleek black leather undergarments, like this funky bralette.

There is something about Winona Ryder that is hard to miss. Her style is immeasurable: on one end its classically girlish, and the other, fearlessly grunge. She defines one of the most spectacular cult looks of the 90s.


My New Vintage Instagram: lp__drobe

How it began…

I recently finished watching the incredibly original, comedy web television series Girlboss created by Kay Cannon. I instantly fell in love with the feisty, and irresistible Sophia Marlowe, played by Britt Robertson. I burst with jealousy in the first episode when Sophia bought the metallic leather jacket – quite possibly the most perfect item of clothing I have ever seen. Along with her eclectic red velvet trousers, denim vests, and pantsuits, she built the most insane retro wardrobe – a dream for every vintage enthusiast like myself.

The metallic jacket.
Velvet pants and denim waistcoat.
Heavenly blue denim jumpsuit.

Every episode I grew with mesmerisation at her thoughtfully composed outfits. The official launch of her Nastygal online vintage store, marked the epitome of my jealousy. To make a living by sourcing vintage clothes, reworking them, and selling them to a vibrant audience – it all seemed too good to be true. I thought, how hard could it be? And SO, I began my own vintage Instagram. Still to come up with a better name… it is currently called: lp__drobe (@lp__drobe in the instagram search).

There’s something so appealing about entrepreneurship… taking on financial risks can be so rewarding when you reap the profit!!! And so, I made my way to glebe markets and scavenged for the best vintage buys I could find… the hardest thing is parting with the clothes, but I think it’s actually good for me… a bit of shopping resilience! It’s definitely a work in process, but I am happy with the level of success I have achieved so far… I plan to get monthly stock, and the best thing about it is… even if it doesn’t sell – I get to add the funky item to my wardrobe!

I have discovered the most popular clothing items so far: people love CORDUROY. It is one of the best fabrics. Adds the element of cool to every outfit. The 90s retro spray jackets are also a HIT, as well as anything branded with Nike or Ralph Lauren. The things I seek to buy: faux fur jackets, black leather boots, leopard-print and tartan pants, Parisian berets, metallic crop tops,  I want to purchase things that are truly unique and one of a kind. Here are some of my recent posts:

Beloved green corduroy jacket.
Teal blue halter neck.
Fluffy pink, Italian jacket.
Colourful retro 90s jacket.
Luminous 90s spray jacket.
Brown corduroy jacket.
Crazy flamin’ boots.

I post within Australia and also do worldwide shipping at the buyers cost! For more details, head over to @lp__drobe on Instagram and check it out!!!! Hopefully I will have something to satisfy your procrastination-vintage-shopping-rage… ENJOY 😀

Heads up – life is too short for boring hairdos!

We live in a fast-paced world, constantly on the run – rushing our breakfast cereal in the morning, frantically choosing an outfit to wear, and forget about the one defining element that could change our entire look for the day: our hairdo. I know what you’re thinking… Cool hairdos take time and effort, and are often meticulously planned… but that’s not always the case! The following hairdos are funky, stylish and most importantly, are something you can wip up super fast in the morning!


Gwyneth Paltrow’s incredible topknot is effortlessly wonderful! Pulled back into a messy, high bun, and tied with a silk black ribbon, the key to this hairdo is the way she leaves out two long strands – so it doesn’t come across as her ‘trying to hard’.


Britney Spears epitomises the 90’s rockin’ hairdo of the one and only: crimped hair! A simple task – all you have to do is run the crimper over a couple of strands of hair in the morning, put on a bit of lippy, and you’re ready to go!


The up-do will never not be cool. To achieve the lightly waved look, simply put your hair in two plaits before you go to sleep! Create some volume up the top and do two quick fishtail braids and pin at the middle! Quick, and fashionable.


Take it from the one and only 90’s icon – Hilary Duff! With dead straight bangs, and a hidden hairband, her high pony tail is topped off with the addition of these vibrant blue and pink chopsticks! Don’t be afraid to add accessories into the mix!


Reece is super casual with this outfit; but the thing that makes it, is her awesome hairstyle. With her bob cut, the cute swirled buns on top add extra edge to this style!


Finally, the favourite hairstyle – the ultimate spice girl look. All you have to do to achieve this hectic updo: a middle part, dead-straightened hair, and two awesome high pigtails!

These hairstyles are all do-able, and within the 5-minute radius you have before you need to shoot out the door for work! The most vital thing is to pick the right hairdo for you, whatever makes you feel cool, sophisticated, trendy and yourself!