A pure success story, Lisa Stricker’s (also known as Lenni) inextricable strife to promote her own creative brilliance and ultimate passion for original fashion, has definitely paid off. Born out of Lenni’s first project Lenni Vintage – which catered for all aspiring fashion queens who adored one-off pieces of re-crafted denim and eccentric vintage treasures, Lenni The Label, is testament to the possibility of a new, and authentic style in the fashion realm. With the shockingly favourable outcome of this project, Lenni was over-flooded with demands encouraging she expand her collection, with numerous Australian and International publications showcasing her obvious talent.

Determined to make her hobby a living, Lenni, having travelled to Paris to design a collection for a huge French Chain store, dedicated extensive time researching various fabrics, and garment construction, and eventually opened her own business in 2013.

Lenni The Label today symbolises a fashion attitude of wild spirit and rebellion, combined with a level of effortlessness, class and casualty, with many collections being redolent of the 70s style fashion; a dichotomy of comfort and allure. Divine items of the past Lenni The Label collections  have included constellation/star-and-moon-print low-back dresses, studded waistcoats, gold embroidered velvet jackets, silk mini dresses and kimonos, lace maxi dresses, and flared bright pants. In addition, the label has incredible leather, suede and snake-print boots and one-off vintage beauties.

A small town girl, raised on the East Coast of Australia, Lenni was an ocean enthusiast as a teenager and constantly deconstructed clothes, tie-died, and made quirky dresses; displaying entrepreneurial qualities from the youthful age of 14. She was at the top of the fashion kingdom in these teen years, selling her hand-crafted clothes to her peers – with her discovery of her utter love for fashion, propelling her to travel all over the world and experience a diverse range of world cultures. Influenced by the traditional fashions of different regions, she developed her vision: to give girls and women the ability to create outfits that would instil in them unfathomable confidence, as well as edginess.

With a vast history of styling experience, Lenni has styled for TV personalities and artists including Jack River and Kita, as well as a myriad of well-known photographers, and she is always the foundational figure behind the Lenni The Label campaigns. An artistically and creatively driven individual, Lenni has attained the title of being a stylist, designer, and blogger (her website includes an extremely alternative and cool blog). Lenni’s wonderful collections never cease to impress her fans, with the distinctively intricate and groovy cuts and prints leading us to re-define the notion of fashion.

Check out the goodies at https://www.lenni-shop.com, follow all the new stock on Lenni The Label  Facebook, and marvel at the fashion posts @lenni_thelabel on Instagram.



The spectacular Tuesday Vintage is undeniably the fastest growing online fashion platform, where beloved second-hand clothes and accessories are scouted and re-worked by the fashionista Rachel March. Established in 2012, stylist and founder Rachel March exhibits her unfathomable creativity, selling unique vintage pieces from all decades, which have adolescents beaming with excitement.

Tuesday Vintage is quintessential of the ever-growing trend of re-birthing fashion of the past, with its flared paisley pants, long hippy skirts, denim playsuits, shoulder-padded jackets, and aztec halter-necks attracting the eyes of all aspiring fashion queens.

Tuesday Vintage has evolved in the creative realm, with Rachel embarking on various brand collaborations, styling, full directed shoots, lookbooks and design. Rachel’s inner and utter adoration of all things vintage, in conjunction with her relationship with an array of designers, style icons, labels, photographers, bloggers and PR companies, ensures that Tuesday Vintage will provide only eccentric statement items.

The never-dying Levi jeans sold from Tuesday Vintage are super quirky, as Rachel has sewn on patches of various shapes, styles and colours, from the Californian fashion accessory brand Patch Ya Later. Rachel also incorporates a large quantity of one-off leather belts, tanned clog shoes, funky handbags, and intricately-patterned bralettes and matching underwear – allowing her to satisfy and fulfil every woman’s weakness when it comes to vintage fashion.

Rachel March in her natural habitat – rummaging through vintage treasures.

At 26 years old and a mum, Rachel March (from Newcastle) is emblematic of a woman pursuing her dream in the modern world, maintaining her incredible fashion stylist career, and bringing up her son Phoenix with impeccable taste for all things retro. Recently, Rachel has worked with the highly-acclaimed Harley-Davidson, successfully customising a woman’s vintage leather jacket in celebration of Fashion Week. This gave her complete creative freedom, allowing her to add metal studs, patches and other details to transform the ordinary leather jacket.

With Rachel proclaiming, “I’ve been collecting Vintage Clothes forever… my love and appreciation for vintage definitely came from my mother”, her Tuesday Vintage Instagram account currently has 30,000 followers. Whilst this makes her absolutely chuffed, she affirms that without her business she would have no creative outlet.

Originally, Rachel studied Graphic Design through TAFE and went on to study Fashion Business and Design at FBI Fashion College in Sydney, with her active efforts to gain internships and retail experience only boosting her love of hoarding vintage clothes. Rachel explains the internal struggle parting from her awesome retro findings, “It is literally SO, so hard. I want to keep everything!”, yet acknowledges she has wonderfully enthusiastic and happy customers who embrace their purchased item just as she’d hoped.

Rachel March was asked on her website, “If Tuesday Vintage was a woman, who would she be?”

Her response was, “An old soul who walks to the beat of her own drum. She is somebody who is spontaneous and true to herself. She’s full of freedom and she does what she wants – she is crazy, beautiful and wild”.

Tuesday Vintage is the epitome of cool, eclectic, bizarre, extraordinary, and real fashion – as it allows individuals to purchase one-off pieces, that no one in the world can buy and own. Rachel March’s hard work has evidently paid off, and through her own admirable and quirky style, she is undoubtedly an incredible fashion icon of our time.

Check out the goodies at www.tuesdayvintage.com, follow all the new stock on Tuesday Vintage Facebook, and be blown away by the marvellous fashion posts @TuesdayVintage on Instagram.


American actress Goldie Hawn, most famously recognised for her films Private Benjamin (1980, and of which she was nominated for the Academy Award of Best Actress) Overboard (1987) and Housesitter (1992), is so much more than a star on the screen – she was a quintessential emblem of the evolving 80s and 90s fashion with her unmissable style.

Goldie Hawn in 1969 film Cactus Flower.

1. Here, Goldie Hawn’s innocent beauty is redolent of Twiggy’s fresh face, with Goldie Hawn’s short, boyish haircut and extensive black lashes adopts Twiggy’s ‘pixie’ look. Love the bright yellow turtle neck and her elaborate adornment of long jewels.

2. Goldie Hawn’s effortlessly drooping blonde curls are complemented by the soft ruffles of this pale green, pleated mini dress.

3. Goldie Hawn here advocates the 90s casual style, a classic bright t-shirt, rolled at the sleeves, and a pair of worn denim jeans. Loving her fringe and wavy hair that appears perfect without being styled.

4. This is a spectacular outfit. Firstly, this mustard yellow top and navy pants go incredibly well together, and the styles of both create a bohemian, careless vibe. The chiffon material, overflowing with ruffles and puffed sleeves and the straight, leg-split skirt are a lot to be envied.

Goldie Hawn in the film Overboard.

5. Red is bold and empowering. The floral hairpiece is as equally extravagant as her eccentric cold earrings, and with her simplistic red halter-neck one-piece swimsuit, she is a poolside goddess.

Goldie Hawn in the film Overboard.

6. This outfit is somewhat reminiscent of Michael Jackson’s statement jackets with its shoulder pads and overall quirkiness. I absolutely LOVE the intricate gold sequin-work on this jacket, which highlights and captures the silver sparks of the clip in her high bun.

Goldie Hawn in the film Housesitter.

7. A woman not to be reckoned with, Goldie Hawn’s character in this film appears defiant and self-assured. She’s transformed a casual assemblage of denim jeans, brown belt and red singlet, with a revolutionary leopard-print fur mini-coat.

8. This dress is striking through its luxurious suede material, and its stark contrasting colours of a brown body and yellow sleeves. Casual and stylish, the bright orange sandals and her luscious straightened hair, along with her determined stance, gives the impression of a determined and powerful woman.




Photos by Getty Images and Google Images.