My New Vintage Instagram: lp__drobe

How it began…

I recently finished watching the incredibly original, comedy web television series Girlboss created by Kay Cannon. I instantly fell in love with the feisty, and irresistible Sophia Marlowe, played by Britt Robertson. I burst with jealousy in the first episode when Sophia bought the metallic leather jacket – quite possibly the most perfect item of clothing I have ever seen. Along with her eclectic red velvet trousers, denim vests, and pantsuits, she built the most insane retro wardrobe – a dream for every vintage enthusiast like myself.

The metallic jacket.

Velvet pants and denim waistcoat.
Heavenly blue denim jumpsuit.

Every episode I grew with mesmerisation at her thoughtfully composed outfits. The official launch of her Nastygal online vintage store, marked the epitome of my jealousy. To make a living by sourcing vintage clothes, reworking them, and selling them to a vibrant audience – it all seemed too good to be true. I thought, how hard could it be? And SO, I began my own vintage Instagram. Still to come up with a better name… it is currently called: lp__drobe (@lp__drobe in the instagram search).

There’s something so appealing about entrepreneurship… taking on financial risks can be so rewarding when you reap the profit!!! And so, I made my way to glebe markets and scavenged for the best vintage buys I could find… the hardest thing is parting with the clothes, but I think it’s actually good for me… a bit of shopping resilience! It’s definitely a work in process, but I am happy with the level of success I have achieved so far… I plan to get monthly stock, and the best thing about it is… even if it doesn’t sell – I get to add the funky item to my wardrobe!

I have discovered the most popular clothing items so far: people love CORDUROY. It is one of the best fabrics. Adds the element of cool to every outfit. The 90s retro spray jackets are also a HIT, as well as anything branded with Nike or Ralph Lauren. The things I seek to buy: faux fur jackets, black leather boots, leopard-print and tartan pants, Parisian berets, metallic crop tops,  I want to purchase things that are truly unique and one of a kind. Here are some of my recent posts:

Beloved green corduroy jacket.
Teal blue halter neck.
Fluffy pink, Italian jacket.
Colourful retro 90s jacket.
Luminous 90s spray jacket.
Brown corduroy jacket.
Crazy flamin’ boots.

I post within Australia and also do worldwide shipping at the buyers cost! For more details, head over to @lp__drobe on Instagram and check it out!!!! Hopefully I will have something to satisfy your procrastination-vintage-shopping-rage… ENJOY 😀

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