Lenni The Label – Exquisite and Unique

A pure success story, Lisa Stricker’s (also known as Lenni) strife to promote her own creative brilliance and ultimate passion for original fashion, has definitely paid off. Born out of Lenni’s first project Lenni Vintage – which catered for all aspiring fashion queens who adored one-off pieces of re-crafted denim and eccentric vintage treasures, Lenni The Label, is testament to the possibility of a new, and authentic style in the fashion realm. With the shockingly favourable outcome of this project, Lenni was over-flooded with demands encouraging she expand her collection, with numerous Australian and International publications showcasing her obvious talent.

Determined to make her hobby a living, Lenni, having travelled to Paris to design a collection for a huge French Chain store, dedicated extensive time researching various fabrics, and garment construction, and eventually opened her own business in 2013.

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The Timelessness of Vintage Fashion


The Timelessness of Vintage Fashion

Everyone loves vintage – I mean retro is in, but it’s always in. Will the trend of vintage ever fade?

The 20th century: an age without technology, a simpler time – where music, culture, and fashion were unfathomably valued, and where the company of loved ones and genuine, human interactions were the most important components of life. Vintage fashion has allowed individuals to keep alive the good ol’ times, to dress in chameleonic patterns to express themselves, and most importantly, their appreciation of the past.

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Drew Barrymore – Someone I Adore


Drew Barrymore, besides being a natural-born star from a young age, making her debut in the timeless film ET, is the quintessential 90s fashion icon. She always appears effortless, as evident with her loose French plait, Levi jeans, and faded maroon blazer and her very trendy cat-eye shades.

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