Heineken Campaign

Heineken – Strategy and Channel Planning 

We received a brief from Heineken to re-position the Heineken brand as the premium smooth lager on the market. My key task in this project was to develop a unique strategy across owned, earned, paid and shared media so that the campaign was fully integrated across all media channels. This is the media plan I came up with to communicate to the consumer on each step of the journey.

Whilst my peers did the creative, I ensured that each message was appropriated to different media types, to engage the consumer and maintain strategy, with the USP of the beer being smooth consistent throughout the channels.

I decided that print media was an essential channel along with TVC, to maximise reach to audiences. Furthermore, after researching the target audience of predominantly young to middle-aged men, I decided social and interactive media was the best way to go in terms of building a brand-consumer connection.




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