Hyundai i-30 Campaign

Hyundai-i30 Campaign  

We received a brief from Hyundai to create a print advertisement for the Hyundai-i30, to convey the single-minded proposition “The intelligent option is now sexier”. The main communication objective was to get consumers to call into a Hyundai dealership on the way home, with their renewed perspective that the Hyundai-i30 is cool, trendy and high tech.

My main role in this project was to undertake thorough research to really understand the target market, by tapping into their buying habits around cars and their passions. By doing this I was able to identify what matters to consumers when buying new cars, and what appeals to the male ego when buying a new car. This role taught me the essentiality of consumer research when developing any media or creative strategy for a brand, and has equipped me with an ideation process of how to approach developing campaign ideas.

My research then informed the creative process of my partner, who took key consumer insights from my research and created a print advertisement.





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