My Media Plan and Strategy for Energy Drink Green Life Co

Last year I completed a media channel planning subject which gave me thorough insight into the necessity of understanding each media type, when to use it, and the benefits of each. Learning about different media channels was incredibly helpful in our task to develop a media plan and strategy for the energy drink Green Life Co. The key thing I learnt from this task, was the importance of developing Integrated Marketing Communications strategies to set brands apart from competitors, by determining effective channel planning across paid, owned, earned and shared media.

In my role, I:

  • Determined specific media objectives for the brand post consumer research and competition analysis
  • Identified key media problems and insights from statistics and research
  • Identified the relationship between the target audience and media channels
  • Developed an overarching strategy statement
  • Developed a media strategy mix and a big media idea
  • Developed media vehicles and execution
  • Developed a media schedule with different strategies

Here are excerpts from the final submitted document of my contribution. 

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